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Evaluation of public consultation

Dato: 23.09.2010 · Område: El

Implementation plan for a common Nordic retail market - Evaluation of the responses on the public consultation

The Nordic Energy Regulators (NordREG) have been working together to promote and facilitate a common Nordic end user market by 2015.

An Implementation Plan from NordREG has been sent for public consultation during the summer 2010.

In general most of the respondents supported the harmonisation of the Nordic electricity market. However, the stakeholders had different views on some of the proposals in the Implementation Plan.

NordREG has now examined the responses of the stakeholders. The comments on the ten most important issues are collected in a new Evaluation Report.

NordREG suggests that a model for the common Nordic end user market for 2015 should be based on the supplier centric model. In this model most questions concerning the customer will be handled by the supplier.

An updated Implementation Plan for a common Nordic retail market and the Evaluation Report are now sent to the Nordic ministers of Energy to be discussed at their meeting in Copenhagen October 25, 2010.

The contact person in Denmark is Jan H. Pedersen, tel. (+45) 7226 8141.

For further information on the Evaluation Report and the updated Implementation Plan for a common Nordic retail market:


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