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Public consultation

Dato: 30.06.2010 · Område: El

Implementation plan for a common Nordic retail market


The Nordic Energy Regulators (NordREG) have been working together to promote and facilitate a common Nordic end user market by 2015.

Given the political support that was expressed at the meeting of the Nordic energy ministers in the autumn of 2009, the work has now become more concrete with a new implementation plan from NordREG.

NordREG invites all stakeholders interested in the creation of a common Nordic retail market to respond to this public consultation.

Interested parties are invited to submit comments by 6 August 2010, and these should be sent by e-mail to eeva.kurkirinne_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern

Contact person in Denmark is Jan H. Pedersen, jhp_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern tel. (+45) 7226 8141.

Read more about the public consultation on the NordREG website

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